What Are You Advertising? Your Capability Or A Supplier’s?

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‍I passed a trailer last week that advertised a particular pipe bursting process. No where was the contractors name, just a trenchless process. The graphics depicted the equipment manufacturers process and touted how great their trenchless solution to clogged drains was. I wondered why the contractor didn’t promote himself but then it came to me. If you’re a vendor who wants to sell more of his systems, better to promote himself than the customer doing the work. But the point is what are YOU selling? If it’s lateral lining not many people call up to have you line a sewer line just because they feel like they need to spend $10,000 to show off to their friends. And most people don’t have any idea why their sewer lines are plugged anyway. They just know they are plugged and want them unplugged. A few, but very few, know that roots are their problem and if they do know they are roots, they think “trimming” them, like trees, every few years is all they need to do to keep them in check. 

Perfect Graphic

If you advertise permanent solutions to recurring sewer backups, you are probably finding more success than showing your suppliers bright shiny piece of equipment that means absolutely nothing to your customer. No one cares if your lining or pipe bursting system is named Joe’s or Rapid Sewer Fix or something else. They call you because they’d like you to fix their problem. Nothing more or nothing less and not the greatest whizz bang product since sliced bread. My example here is a lifetime solution to coating a deck. Permanent? Yes! What he’s selling? Yes! Short & readable while driving by? Yes!

So what should you be advertising? If you are a full service plumber, then advertise the most frequently service you are called for on your vehicles. If you give fast service, note that. The impression you promote on your vehicles should be something that can be seen and registered in the mind of prospects in a very short amount of time. If you have a lot of verbiage on your vehicles, most people passing the truck or trailer won’t have the time to read all of it. If a guy fixes plumbing problems fast and his name is there, I’ll

Fixing Plumbing Problems

remember it. If he tells me he has the best pipe bursting equipment of any contractor around and can install new pipe with only two open cuts, I really won’t care and even if I need my sewer line rehabilitated, the signage won’t register with me unless I’m the one in a million who is in the middle of negotiating a sewer project and I know about lining and bursting. Otherwise the graphic is just lost, but it does inspire your competitors to see what you’re doing and may want to copy what you do to compete with you.

Before you paper your vehicles with graphic advertising, define what YOU want to advertise and not what a supplier wants you to advertise, especially if the advertising is for their product to your competitors who can then compete for the same work with you. Think about it!

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