“I bought a lateral lining system and no one here has any idea how to operate it. How do I get my guys trained so we can operate the equipment and be functional again?”

A strength of Pipe Lining Supply is our ability to train and support both CIPP lining and AIPPR coating processes. When we started the business years ago we had to learn how other lining systems operated so we could provide them materials that would work in any equipment. To be the best support and provide quality materials we had to know how everything worked. We learned the strengths and weaknesses of every type of lining process there was from pull in place to inversions. In doing so we learned how to operate them and carried that knowledge with us passing it on to our employees so that they would know how competitive processes worked as well as our own equipment and processes. With that knowledge we’ve trained people on not only our equipment but virtually every other competitive process out there. In fact, we have become more knowledgeable than many of the folks selling the competitive processes. Whether it’s point repair patches, lateral lines, coating jobs we had our hands on the process.

So we can get your people up and running and make them proficient in any process you may have regarding lateral lining or DWV pipe coating. There are three locations you can make arrangements with that can accommodate your staff. The locations are Anaheim, CA, Springfield, MO, and Batavia, IL. Call us today at 888-354-6464 or shoot us an email at info@pipeliningsupply.com.

Featured Product

CCTV Camera

Product featured this week is our small CCTV camera that can be attached to the high-speed cable machine and used for cleaning and/or coating drain, waste and vent piping. It comes in a case. It is rechargeable, has viewing glasses as well as monitor, and is only 12mm in diameter.

Are still using vegetable oil or soap for lubricating your CIPP liners??

and tired of cleaning up the oil stains or adding more soap because the dried soap gets sticky. Then YOU really need to try our SLIC™ lubricant for your liners. SLIC™ doesn’t leave any residue when it dries, stays slippery for days after applied to a liner coating surface and will get your liners to invert much easier than the other methods. If you haven’t tried it, call us at 888-354-6464 or send a request to info@pipeliningsupply.com and if we’ve not sent you a sample in the past, we’ll send you some to try.