“Do you have any guidance on the thickness of resin we should apply to any given pipe diameter when applying the Quik-Coating System to pipe rehab?”

After many jobs now completed and in the record books, we have determined a minimum thickness for each size pipe diameter as well as a maximum thickness. Here’s the table we’ve set:
Min(“) Min (mm) Max(“) Max(mm)
1 ½” Pipe .04” 1mm .08” 2mm
2” Pipe .075” 1.9mm .15” 3.8mm
3” Pipe .095” 2.4mm .19” 4.8mm
4” Pipe .11” 2.8mm .22” 5.6mm
6” Pipe .13” 3.3mm .26” 6.6mm
8” Pipe .15” 3.8mm .30” 7.6mm
10” Pipe .17” 4.3mm .34” 8.6mm
12” Pipe .20” 5.1mm .40” 10.2mm
15” Pipe .25” 6.4mm .50” 12.7mm

You will note in UPC standard IGC 351-18 Rev that it’s up to the manufacturer to set minimum and maximum design thickness which is reflected in the table above. The standard also allows for a + or – 25% variation in the numbers. We know that these values will rehabilitate your pipe if it is salvageable. With that said, we’re expect a pressure test to the standards for conventional drain, waste and vent piping. If the maximum thickness has been applied and the pipe won’t pass the pressure test then another rehabilitation process should be used to fix the problem pipe. Here’s where experience comes into play. If you’ve worked with pipe in the past, there is a point of no return when it comes to salvaging it. Here’s a great example of pipe that is beyond coating. CIPP lining may work on this pipe, but trying to coat this example is a waste of time.

This pipe, on the other hand, may indeed be coated. We have several contractors coating pipe everyday with filling holes and gaps, pressure testing, and putting pipe back into service without displacing tenants from working or living spaces. Experience is a great teacher and coating is not different although we can help guide you through the learning process a little faster.

Future cleaning of the pipe will require the same cleaning methods employed in any plastic pipe or CIPP lined pipe. Aggressive method including root saws, chains and some cutters may prove deadly to this process as you would expect in a plastic pipe or lined pipe. For additional information on how coating could fit into your toolbox, contact us at 888-354-6464 or

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