All Day To Fix 8′ Of Pipe! Can You Afford Low Production?

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“I sent my guys out to fix a leaking joint in an 8” pipe. They fixed it, but 3 guys all day is hard to bill out being they only did an 8′ patch. Is this “normal” or am I being “milked”.

Without more information you may be getting milked but I’m guessing that communication and the right tools may be a bigger problem than guys not wanting to get the work done. I’ve been dispatched to jobs with little information. “Go to 111 Plum Street, in Linwood and line the lateral”. Easy right? Well, no one marked the line outside the house. No one was home, and the line hadn’t been cleaned. That would have been good information to know. In addition we understood that the line was clean and ready to go, but it wasn’t, and no tools to accomplish the work of cleaning.

If your guys were expecting to have the line exposed and cleaned and all they had to do was line or patch the pipe, a shock had to occur to find that no one cleaned the pipe let alone located or given a point to start and a point to stop. The problem started with the tech who sold the job. If he or she would have written up a job description, pipe location, location of the patch, and some pictures of the locations of

UHS Drain Cleaning

the pit, pipe depth, and other information they would have been prepared to execute the job without having to return to the shop to get tools, have dispatch call the homeowner to find out where the pipe exited the home and where in the line the patch had to be placed. If the tech cleaned the line, the installers may have had a hard time determining where the patch should go. Improving communications flow in any environment pays dividends.

While we’re talking communication, we have a Training Certification class on Friday, December 1, 2017 at 8:00AM at our shop in Anaheim, CA for CIPP installation. In addition to getting certified on the CIPP lining process that includes flow studies, life expectancy, ASTM governing methods, approvals, step by step installation instructions and a wealth of tips to improve your knowledge and expertise in the lining process. Call 888-354-6464 to reserve space.

Coating Process – Introduction To AIPP

We will also introduce the Quik Coating System as well. For those interested in some hands on experience in applying coating to pipe, this is your chance.

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