Drain, Waste & Vent Piping – The New Frontier!

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“I’ve been reading up and hearing about drain, waste and vent pipe rehabilitation and am thinking about trying to sell it but have some fears. It’s pretty new so I’m concerned that the materials will not hold up. Also I am not sure how thick I should make the coating nor when to apply it and when to rip out the old and start over. Do you have any advice?”

When a product or process is new to the marketplace there are people who embrace it and others who want to wait. It’s understandable. You have

Cleaning The Pipe

history with replacing pipe and it’s always worked. Open the wall, rip out the old, replace with new, replace sheetrock, tape it, texture it, and repaint. Simple formula, but many issues. You are displacing an occupant(s). You need sub contractors to  perform some of the work. You may be subjected to building permits depending on the scope of the work. And we haven’t even addressed the big issue – cost.

So let’s examine costs. The biggest part of this process is pipe cleaning and preparation. We’re not talking about running a cable machine or jetter down a line once each direction and calling it good, we’re talking about removing all tuberculation from the pipe wall, removing any residual debris from the descaling process and drying the pipe. Once that’s done, the coating process is a piece of cake. After cleaning, descaling, washing the dust down the line and drying, a single person can coat a 50′ section of 4″ pipe in about an hour and a half. To coat to a 3mm thickness for the 50′, he’s used about $ 705.00 in material including all the resin, a brush, that may be salvageable, and some cleaning product.

To sum up, your biggest cost is the cleaning and preparation. Getting an old house ready to paint is a lot more than slapping a coat of paint on with no preparation. Yes, painters charge by the amount of paint they use, but also add in all their preparation time to get to applying the paint. Same rules apply here. Calculate all of your costs before quoting a price.

DWV Coating

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