Field Testing Coating

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Our customer Coreline of Mitchell, South Dakota completed a successful field installation today of our Quik Coating System process. The job consisted of lining a 55′ sewer line that served 2 lavatories and 2 toilets from an 2nd floor bath that made a 90 degree turn, then dropped 10′ to the floor below followed by another 90 degree turn into the underfloor main. We consider coating this line, but had not tried 6′ pipe and there were no tie ins, so we decided to line this section. The second line was from a clean-out that dropped 2 feet under the floor and made a 90 degree turn out 26′ to the same sewer main as the upstairs line, only from the other side of the tie-in. We thought we’d complete both lines inside the Masonic Temple in Mitchell, South Dakota 1 block south of the World Famous CORN PALACE.

Masonic Lodge, Mitchell, SD

The lodge building was built in the 1920’s, so the plumbing is approaching 100 years old and has developed several leaks. Many of the lines had been lined with our conventional CIPP lining method using our Quik-Pox Epoxy. However the lines that they are now addressing have multiple tie-ins and would be a nightmare to reinstate so many tie-ins.

Adding Brushes to Chain Knocker Cable to Center

So with a plan of attack made, Coreline began staging the materials needed at 8:00 AM, deciding to line the 55′ reach first. The lines had been cleaned the day before, and the building is empty, so it was pre-cleaned and ready for lining. A high speed chain knocker using a Pipe Lining Supply fabricated centering device made quick work of the cleaning process the day before. We decided that the line could be proved to be line-able by shooting an old calibration tube that we stopped before the transition to 6″ pipe. After following the Pipe Lining Supply step by step process, we wetted out the liner in Coreline’s trailer, carried the liner to the 2nd floor and shot it in, followed by the calibration tube. Below is a GIF of the shot. We followed by curing it with the heater and left it while we attached the coating portion of the job

We began setting up for the coating process area with equipment and materials and began the process at 10:45AM. The first coat was applied at 11:05AM and we waited until 11:10AM to apply the second coat. 4 coats later applying 1/8th inch of polyurea material to the pipe, we’d rebuilt a new pipe inside the old one. We completed the line at 1:45PM, breaking for 20 minutes to enjoy a pizza lunch that was delivered to the job site.

All cleaned up and ready to leave the job at 2:15PM heading home. 55′ of 4″ x 6″ liner and 26′ of 4″ coating with multiple tie-ins is a pretty good day. Thanks to Coreline for sharing the day with us. For more information about lateral lining or coating, contact Pipe Lining Supply, Inc. at 888-354-6464.


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