Filling in missing pipe with Poly Urea to rebuild the surface to coat the pipe.

Filling in missing pipe with Poly Urea to rebuild the surface to coat the pipe.

Ever heard the old saying “necessity is the mother of invention”? 

Our customer, Coreline in South Dakota had a 2” pipe that was missing a big chunk of the bottom of the pipe. The cast iron pipe was buried under a floor that would be costly to expose. He needed to build structure to the pipe with some material that would be strong enough to bring the pipe back to structural strength. They are a Quik-Coating applicator and determined from our specifications that the material could be structural if applied thick enough to meet a structural standard. (We are in development of a disposable static mixer and are close but don’t have it available yet).

Here is Ben’s Idea!

Here’s where Ben at Coreline thought outside the box and coupled an off the shelf disposable mixing head for paint to a nylon flow splitter. He connected it with tape and while it doesn’t look like factory production, it worked and he filled the missing section of pipe by pumping in resin, mixing it in the static mixer and depositing the mixed resin to fill the missing section of pipe to a thickness that provided the structure need to make the pipe whole. Then he applied several layers of poly urea coating to the pipe surface with the same resin we provide for coating. The resin sets in 10 to 30 seconds and cures in 5 minutes, so there was a short window between building the structure for the coating process to bind with.

Training Session about Quik-Coating.

For those of you interested in learning more about the Quik Coating process, Pipe Lining Supply will be giving a presentation on the subject. There are many questions, including application methods, level of pipe condition, materials, and costs that will be addressed. This presentation will be for plumbers, drain cleaning contractors who perform rehabilitation/replacement services, and others interested in the technology.  Stay tuned for more information!!

August 29 & 30, 2018
Miami Airport Convention CenterOnly a month until the Water Expo Show in Miami. Join us there to see our exciting technologies including, Quik-Shot™ CIPP equipment, Renssi High Speed Drain Cleaning Equipment and our Quik-Coating process.