Greetings From The WWETT Show

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Today (Wednesday) was set up day at the WWETT Show. For those of you planning to attend the event, here’s some pre-show set up pictures. For those of you who won’t make it, here’s some shots of a few (very few) vendors displaying their wares. This is a really big show and will take all three days to view most of the displays. Also for those who didn’t attend, we are introducing a structural coating process to rehabilitate drain, waste and vent piping, a new articulated cutter, a fully functional mobil trailer for lateral lining, and a made in America UHS (Ultra High Speed) drain cleaning/reinstatement tool with speeds up to 4,000 RPM. Stop booth 6510, Pipe Lining Supply if you are an attendee to see the new tools and for those unable to make it, call one of our offices for more information.

As you can see by the above photos, the entire convention center is full of displays. Many new vendors and many expanded spaces. Here’s wishing that all vendors and attendees have a great show. We’ll get back to technical issues and news next week. If time allows, I’ll add more pictures tomorrow.

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