I’ve Never Heard Of Lateral Sewer Lining

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Many of you run into this everyday. You are on a drain cleaning call, you find roots and move to explain the options to your customer. Yes, he or she knows about cleaning the line for whatever the reason because they called you, so there isn’t much need for further explanation. The line’s plugged, you show up, worked your magic and opened the drain, cleaned up and are done for the time being. Your second option is excavating to replace the pipe. Everyone is familiar with excavation and they can visualize where the cuts will be and what will and won’t be moved or destroyed.

So we come to option number three and the comment you usually get is “I’ve never heard of it”. Now comes explanation time and here where the rubber hits the road. If you don’t know enough about this option, you will shy away from much detail and will most likely push the customer to one of the other two options. My point here is twofold. One, most of your customers are not knowledgable about lateral lining. It’s not something that doesn’t come up in everyday conversation. Most people don’t really like to share their problems and especially problems regarding their sewer systems with friends and neighbors. It’s not a glamorous subject and not something everyone knows a lot about so they are looking to you, the tech, to school them.

This brings me to the second part of my point, are you ready to school someone about all of their options? Most of us tend to gravitate toward things we know, and the subject you know the most about is drain cleaning, so you tend to go there. And you most likely know a lot about the subject because you work with it several times a day. But do you know when drain cleaning will no longer be an option or do you wait until the inevitable collapse? There is a point when you can see that inevitable coming and can make an educated estimate to when that’s going to happen. Even if you aren’t prepared to estimate a date you, like the dentist or car mechanic, can give an educated guess of where you are now and what will happen over time, you too can give the conditions now and future issues without nailing down a day and hour to failure.

With that said, lateral sewer lining is one of the fastest growing segments of the drain cleaning and plumbing industry, yet many drain cleaning contractors and plumbers have never heard of it like many of their customers. Isn’t it time to educate yourself if you don’t know so you can respond to customers who do know something about it. This reminds me of the folks who invested heavily in horses for transportation the day the first Ford Model T came off the assembly line. If you’re in the business, stay up to date with technology developments and become educated so that when your customers ask about their clogged sewer and what their options are, you can be the expert giving them advice.

CIPP Lateral Lining

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