Cutters & Cleaning Tools

UHS ultra high speed drain cleaning machine

The UHS drain cleaning machine makes short work of roots and scale in piping. We offer 4 sizes

including 1/4″ (6mm), 5/16″ (8mm), 3/8″ (10mm), and 1/2″ (12mm). the units can adapt several attachments that cuts work time from hours to minutes employing 3,000 RPM cleaning speeds which are more than 10 times the speeds found in conventional technology. The flex shaft can turn either direction and is enclosed in a sheath that allows the flex shaft to turn at high speed while the operator is safe from turning cable.


Micro Cutter

The Micro Cutter is controlled by handle and flexible push rods. Especially designed for bendy sewer lines. A lightweight, easy to operate cutter used to reinstate service by reopening taps in the lined cured pipe and finishing off the opening at either end.

Micro Cutter Specifications:

  • Works in lines from 3” to 6”
  • Can negotiate 45 degree turns
  • Great axial movement
  • Easily steered with the control handle
  • Includes air hose assembly
  • Flexible push rods available
  • Body of cutter made of high grade steel
  • Need 70 CFM air supply
  • Includes 2 cutter balls




clutchAdjustable Clutch

The clutch is used as an accessory for a drill when rotating a cable with a chain knocker on it. The clutch prevents the cable of breaking down and also personal injuries, if the tool gets stuck in the pipe while rotating.

  • CLT-001 – Clutch for a drill: Includes sleeves for 8mm and 12mm cables. Also includes clutch keys. Does not include drill.
  • CLT-25-002-S – T-slide adapter, male
  • CRS-011 – Clutch rotator sleeve



Centering Axels

Centering Axels are used to centralize different tools to get the best result for your job. Can be used with cutters and collapse line drill. Centering Axel has high quality ball bearings inside to make it rotate well.

  • RCA-050 – For 2 inch lines
  • RCA-075 – For 3 inch lines
  • RCA-100 – For 4 inch lines
  • RCA-150 – For 6 inch lines



Cable Connectors

Cable connectors can connect centering axel or another cable to your cable.

  • CC-050 – For 2 inch or 3 inch centering axel
  • CC-100 – For 4 inch centering axel
  • CC-150 – For 6 inch centering axel



Collapse Line Drill

Use with centering Axels to open a collapsed line or a line that has a complete blockage.

  • RCD-050 – For 2 inch lines
  • RCD-I-100 – For 4 inch lines



Cutters are used in different operations of relining process. Example: Opening a lateral connection after lining. Use with Centering Axels.

  • RLC-050 – For 2 inch lines
  • RLC-075 – For 3 inch lines
  • RLC-100 – For 4 inch lines
  • RLC-150 – For 6 inch lines


Chain Knockers

Chain knockers clean effectively the rust and the dirs. From the pipe before lining.

  • RS-3050 – For 2 inch lines on a 12 mm connection
  • RS-3075 – For 3 inch lines on a 12 mm connection
  • RS-3100 – For 4 inch lines on a 12 mm connection
  • RS-3125 – For 5 inch lines on a 12 mm connection
  • RS-3150 – For 6 inch lines on a 12 mm connection


Chain Knockers on a T slide

  • RS-T-16-100 – For 4 inch lines on a 16 mm T-slide
  • RS-T-16-150 – For 6 inch lines on a 16 mm T-slide


Sandpaper Holder

Sandpaper Holders connect to a cable and hold 4 sandpapers. Available for 2 inch wide sandpaper and 4 inch wide sandpaper. Use this with different length sandpaper depending on the size line.

  • RSP-20-55 – For 4 inch wide sandpapers, uses 4 papers
  • RSP-40-110 – For 2 inch wide sandpapers, 4 uses papers



  • SPB-4-4 – 4 inch wide x 4 inch long
  • SPB-4-6 – 4 inch wide x 6 inch long
  • SPB-2-3 – 2 inch wide x 3 inch long
  • SPB-2-4 – 2 inch wide x 4 inch long
  • SPB-2-6 – 2 inch wide x 6 inch long



Ready to use cable and cover with T-slide adapters.

  • TC-1010 – 8 mm cable x 30 feet long
  • TC-1020 – 8 mm cable x 60 feet long
  • TC-2010 – 10 mm cable x 30 feet long
  • TC-2020 – 10 mm cable x 60 feet long