Liner Gun System and Accessories

liner_gun Liner Gun Set

  • Inversion Machine
  • Adapter rings for 6” & 8”
  • Control Unit
  • 1 pair hoses
  • Total weight – 48 lbs
  • Head will detach and stand will fold-up for easy storage
adapter_rings Adapter RingsAdapter Rings for the Liner Gun for different size pipe:

  • 3” Adapter Ring
  • 4” Adapter Ring
  • 5” Adapter Ring
  • 6” Adapter Ring
  • 8” Adapter Ring
DSC_4669 Calibration Hand RollerCalibration Hand Roller on a foldable stand. Has a calibration scale on unit to insure the proper amount of resin in every liner. Stands approximately 54 in x 30 in wide. Designed so it can be used as a standalone or truck mounted.
digital_scale Digital Scale  Digital Scale with case.To measure correct amount of resin and hardener.
vacuum_pump Vacuum PumpSpecial vacuum pump that connects to your compressor.  Available in 2 sizes.  The small vacuum has max flow of  2.2 cfm.  The large vacuum has a flow of 27 cfm.
DSC_4690 Air Control PlugAir Control Plug is used to hold air while using the ambient cure method.  Use for all liners between 3″ and 8″.
mixing_bit Mixing BitMixing bit to put in 1/2″ drill to mix the resin correctly.