Lateral Sewer Preparation For Lining Aid

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“Why isn’t there some kind of way for using tools designed for lateral sewer cleaning that would allow a tech to use some of the tools from his drain cleaning cable machine on the high speed cables used to polish and finish cleaning the sewer lines in preparation for lining? This would work both ways, tools from the lateral cutting industry adapted to the drain cleaning cables as well. We like a couple of tools designed for the “high speed” cables that we think would work well on our cable machine. One more issue is the set screws that allow some of the tools to be clamped to the cable that slips off at the worst possible time. Can you fix that as well?”

We heard you! We’ve been manufacturing adapters that allow you to use tooling back and forth between your drain cleaning cables and the high speed chain knockers, sandpaper, wire brushes, sand paper lateral openers, and assorted cutters. We assembled all of the different methods used to clamp tools on to cables and found that one clamping device held under any load to the point that the cable would give before the connector let go. This process requires a little welding skill, imagination, and a choice of sewer cable adapters for tools. For more information call 888-354-6464 today.

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