Lateral Tie In Reinstatement Options

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“I have a lining job that has two tie-ins that I cannot use your Ultra High Speed cable and cutter to get to the openings. I run into these situations every so often and had to hire a sub to come to my job and open up the lateral with is cutter from the pipe I just lined. I liked how it worked, but the price of $80,000.00 to get one is beyond my budget for the few of these I do per year. What are my options?”

There are other options besides coming from the backside or appliance side of the connection that many of you use regularly. You’ve obviously watched the crawler that can open up laterals from inside the pipe you just lined, but ruled it out due to price. We’ve searched and found a reasonably priced cutter that is

Cutter in 90 Degree Turn

installed into the pipe you just lined. The Micro Cutter can will negotiate a 45 degree turn in a 4″ lined clay pipe and will negotiate a 90 degree turn in lined 6″ clay pipe.┬áIt will┬ánegotiate a 3″ clay pipe in a straight line that has a 3mm liner, but will It not travel in a lined 3″ cast iron pipe.

There are a variety of cutter heads we stock for the tool and can be used to cut an over shot liner in the main as well as reinstate lateral connections. Call us for more details 888-354-6464 and the price will not break the bank.


Various Cutter Heads

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