New Sewer Cable & Centering Brushes

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“Why can’t I spin my drain cleaning cable both directions without ruining it? Can’t someone make a cable that I can turn both directions? I don’t need it all the time but there are times when it would sure be nice.”

Bi-Directional High Speed Cable 5/16″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ Diameters

We agree with you and hear your plea. We are introducing Ultra High Speed drain cleaning cable to the market place. We got our first order of 10mm (3/8″) cable and it is pretty sweet. Our biggest issue is the ability to produce it fast enough for the demand. The other feature that everyone likes is the ability to spin the cable up to 4,000 rpms in either direction. Whoa, you say, isn’t that dangerous? If would be if it were open cable, but this cable is sheathed and allows for the high speeds. The higher speeds eliminate the torque issues you encounter with low speed operation and gets your drain cleaning jobs done at lightening speed.

The cable can accommodate the new assortment of brushes we make that allow some you to produce centering axels without buying separate axels provide details by other vendors. It allows you to adapt an assortment of 3rd party cutting, sanding and reinstatement tools without the costly expense of an additional piece of equipment.

Shown with a chain knocker assembly

The new cable is available in 5/16″ (8mm), 3/8″ (10mm), and 1/2″ (12mm) sizes. It is available in up to 125′ lengths and can be purchased as replacement cable as well as coupled to a high speed rotary driver encased in a case. This cable can be used as replacement cable for other high speed milling machine made offshore. This product is made in the USA.

Centering Brushes – Multiple sizes

The centering brushes we are making currently come in 3″, 4″ and 5″ diameters and can be mounted to the 5/16″ (8 mm) cable to spin or float free for centering purposes. The brushes can be drilled out to fit the 3/8″ or the 1/2″ cables as well. The brushes are also useful for spreading resin to the surface of host pipe drain, waste and vent for repair rehabilitation. They are cleanable for reuse in the coating market industry. The brushes fit a standard 8mm cable and can be drilled to fit 5/16″ or up to 1/2″ cable. If you’d prefer, we also stock ready made centering axels.

Ready Made Centering Axels

These products widen your horizons in the drain cleaning industry as well as the drain, waste and vent rehabilitation industry. If you are looking for self contained units that include a case, rotating cable spindle, motor and 50′ to 125′ of cable, with reversing capabilities, look no further than our Ultra High Speed drain cleaning machine. For more call 888-354-6464 ¬†or and ask for more information. Tasia will direct your calls to one of our experienced staff.

Ultra High Speed Drain Cleaning Machines

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