Pipe Coating

When It comes to pipe coating systems, look no further than the Quik-Coating System.

  • Now you can offer rehabilitation from the kitchen sink all the way to the sewer agency main line collection system.
  • This process supplements the CIPP process offered by Quik-Shot Systems to line sewer laterals.
  • We can now fix the piping upstream using ground breaking technology to bring aging DWV piping up to “like new” condition.
  • This process restores the existing DWV piping by cleaning and providing a structural supplement to the pipe relying on the host pipe to be part of the completed composite.
  • The system can be used to fill gaps, plug holes and restore the pipe. It is a true repair process that in most cases does not require permits, however if testing for the durability is in question, several ASTM standards are available to test the process against.