Introducing our Shop On WHEELS!

“I wish that there was more compact equipment that could be used to line and coat pipe in the congested urban areas where I work. All of you suppliers want me to buy a big trailer or box truck to house all the stuff I need for these jobs. When I get into the downtown areas where the work is located I spend more time looking for a place to park and work. I end up paying fees to get a staging area so I can work and have to close sidewalks and traffic lanes just to get my work done. Can’t you build me something that I can use in these tight places?”

I think one of the biggest issues in working urban areas is the hassle you go through to get a place to work. As a former contractor who’s worked in an urban environment, the advance work just to be able to perform the actual work took more time than the work itself. I remember one utility relocation project where we could work from 10AM to 3PM, Monday through Friday and all pits we opened had to have traffic plates removed and reinstalled between those hours as well as traffic control to block the traffic lane we worked in. This took a 2 week project to over 3 months to get it done. Remembering those days of working in tight quarters and limited access, Pipe Lining Supply took up the challenge and developed our latest innovation.

Ford Transit Microshop

Meet the MICROSHOP©. The power to line or coat any pipe with the footprint small enough to maneuver and park in urban traffic. This is the vehicle that allows a one or two person crew to get their vehicle, equipment, tools and supplies into a conventional urban parking spot and perform a CIPP lining or an AIPPR coating job without taking up traffic lanes, getting permits for parking vehicles, closing access or delay. The unit is housed in a Ford Transit extended tall cargo van. The van has a 3500 watt power unit, 70 CFM compressor, an electrically driven roller table, a Quik Shot™, a Quik Coating machine, Renssi™ high speed cabling machine for cleaning and coating, a Quik Heater to cure liner quickly, room for resin, both CIPP and Coating resins, liner tube, hoses, boom hoist, lighting, manifolds, tools, and supplies. There is a place for everything as well as a workspace that gives you room to work.

Microshop Trailer

Compact but full of capability to line 2” through 8” pipe or coat 1.5” to 8” DWV piping. And it’s not limited to the ability to line 60’ or less, you can line long lines. It also gives you the ability to clean drain lines of roots and scale as well. This is a vehicle that can do it all. Finally we’ve developed a vehicle wrap to let your customers know what you do and how to contact you. As a plumber or drain cleaning contractor this vehicle is the most efficient machine you can add to your fleet. If a trailer version of this vehicle is more your desire, we’ve placed this in the same cargo space footprint. Or we can help you design a size that works for your needs. For more information or pricing options call us at 888-354-6464 or

Upcoming Events

  • For those still wanting certification training in Springfield, Missouri on October 18, 2018. You will review the ASTM and ANNI standards that pertain to the CIPP lateral lining and the AIPPR pipe coating processes, the life expectancy of the processes, the flow studies, materials and resins used, step by step process to install, frequently asked questions and hands on operation of the equipment. Call our local office at +1-417-719-7172 or to reserve your spot or more information.
  • Visit us at the inaugural Santa Barbara County Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Industry Expo.  Saturday November 3, 2018 from 9am-3pm at the Santa Maria Fairpark
  • The WWETT Show is speeding toward us quickly. If you are attending, be sure to register. John Heisler will be presenting this year the AIPPR coating process as the standard set by IAPMO in the UPC. More details as we get closer.

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