“My business recently slowed down and I’m reaching out to the industry to see what other do when things slow down. Your advice will be appreciated.”

As the old saying goes, “when the going gets tough the tough gets going”. The biggest impediment to that is usually us. We all start with justifying why things have slowed. Some blame the economy, others blame politics, more the season or the weather being too hot or too cold. While any of these reasons may play into a business slowdown, the first place to look is in the mirror. Are you motivated? Are you optimistic or have you turned pessimistic? Sometimes your own motivation needs to be re-energized. Everyone is different, but most who’ve studied the problem find that time away from the day to day work by vacationing may energize you. Hobbies, family time, or other motivators are out there. While other find church or educational studies get you refocused. Getting your head on straight is the first on the check list of correcting the slowing of your business. 

The next on the checklist is your employees. Are they motivated? Do they need revitalizing? Many companies today offer team activities such as ball games and other team building activities to keep people motivated. One negative employee can spread doom and gloom throughout your organization. If you are finding employees being in conflict with each other that will carry through to your customers. If your customers are comfortable with your people, they will most likely find another contractor rather than point out the problem to you. 

Assuming you don’t have those problems or is you did, fixed them and the slow down still persists, then it’s time to bring in new ideas to the way you do business. We see more growth in our business when the rest of the economy slows down. Here’s why. Smart business people see that when business slows, it’s time to add new offerings to their business offerings. Drain cleaners who are getting fewer calls need to maximize the revenue they are getting from smaller call numbers relying on upselling. These are the guys who convert a $350.00 drain cleaning job to a $10,000.00 coating or lateral lining job. The business owner needs to monitor his business for these trends and needs to keep a watchful eye on what’s happening in his business environment. Many metrics are available to measure business activity. Do you watch your call numbers? Do you monitor billable hours? Are you up to date on technology available to fill in as business slows? Do you have a plan in place when business slows?  

Many people thrive in a general slowdown in business. The most important advice I can give you is to prepare for the day a slowdown hits you. Continuously monitor yourself. Stay motivated. If you are burning out, take some time off and redirect yourself with non-business diversions. Same with your employees. Team activity, vacations, and other motivators to keep them engaged. Finally prepare for the slowing of your current activity. Have other offerings in place to supplement your core business so you can continue to thrive when the going gets tough. 

Pipe Lining Supply Upcoming Events!!

  • The Water Expo in Miami. (Aug. 29-30 Booth 638) We have three technologies to view that fit well with a company experiencing a slowdown. Check out the Quik Shot™, the Quik Coating System, and the Renssi high speed drain cleaning equipment.
  • Certification Training October 17, 2018 in Springfield, MO. Call today to reserve a space. 417-719-7172, 888-354-6464 or email info@pipeliningsupply.com. We will cover all standards that apply to the process for both CIPP lining and AIPPR coating. We will discuss the specifics of the resins used in these processes, the materials and supplies. We will discuss the life expectancy of the products as well as the effects on the flow capacity. We will work through the process to determine amounts of resin to use, how to set up a job site and plan for your projects, frequently asked questions and how to get local approvals for the areas you work in. The program will begin at 8:30 AM and continue with lunch served with finishing by hands on operation of the equipment near 4:00 PM.  
  • Oct. 15 – Our free GIVEAWAY of a 100′ Cable and Chain Knockers.  Register to win!

If you don’t recognize any of these tools, you are falling behind in the drain cleaning efforts