Testing Complete – Ready To Ship – Coating System

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DWV Piping

I’ve been reporting on progress for many months about our entry into the drain, waste and vent coating process for DWV rehabilitation. We’ve tested virtually every conceivable resin system, delivery system, and process we could think of to perfect what we believe is the ultimate rehabilitation method for DWV piping. Here’s some of the details we’ve developed to make the process easier to use.

DWV Coating Material A & B Ready To Ship

Packaging of the resin has been a challenge. We wanted something easy to handle as one component is affected by air/moisture and the other component needs to be mixed before use if it hasn’t been used in 6 hours or more between uses. We also discovered that some materials don’t play well with the resin and has adverse reactions with the tubing, containers, and other components in the process. ¬†We’ve solved that with our pre-packaged containers that are easy to mix, don’t react with the resin negatively, and can make a quick change when needing more resin preventing spillage and air/water from intruding.

CCTV w/ Glasses for Coating Process

CCTV equipment was again a challenge. We thought conventional sewer cameras would be our best choice only to find that the stiff cables caused interference with the process by getting in the way. We also found out that watching how you apply the material is the most important part of the process and a conventional monitor may not be the most helpful while other things are going on that need the applicators attention. We found glasses that the operator can wear that allows them to perform other tasks while watching what they are doing as well as flexible cable to follow out coating train down the pipe.

DWV Coating Machine

The original delivery pumps for this process were too powerful to control delivery. We either had too much or too little resin flow, so it was back to the drawing board to get the right pumps that would allow us to vary the flow to the amounts that would match the operators level of experience as well as match the delivery quantity for the pipe size being coated. We solved that issue by selecting pumps that fell into the ranges of resin demand we looked at for various sized piping that would give the operator control of how much he delivered.

Some of the equipment we tested was so heavy and complicated that it was impractical for use in a typical residential application. Carrying a machine that weighed over 250#’s up and down stairs wasn’t very appealing nor were computer controls that were ignored by the operator in favor of the CCTV equipment that told them what they needed to know. And we built it in the USA.

Getting the right hardness as well as the ability to complete a segment of pipe completed without having to wait hours until we could apply another coat was a prime consideration when testing resins. We modified a polyurea resin, the coating system used to coat pickup truck beds, with sufficient hardness and curing time to meet our goal. Our goal was a fast setting and fast curing resin that we could add more coats with a minimum wait time between coats to build a desired thickness. We met that goal with our resin that sets in 10 to 30 seconds depending on ambient temperatures and can be recoated after 5 minutes of curing.

SCALE Measures To 1/10th of an Ounce

Finally, we devised a simple method to measure the amount of resin needed and a system to measure how much was actually applied. As an example, our charting shows that if we want to coat 10′ of 3″ waste to a thickness of 1/8″, we would need to apply 61 ounces of resin to the 10′. Using our portable scale to measure the resin containers prior to applying the resin, and weighing after we think we’ve completed enough layers of resin, we can verify, adjust or add more to what we’ve previously coated with a minimum amount of effort. No need pull off this segment and move to another location while waiting for the coat to dry.

One final consideration is cost. We’re delivering coated DWV piping rehabilitation at a much more competitive price point than replacement and some of the other methods out there in the marketplace. Contact Pipe Lining Supply, Inc. today for more information 888-354-6464.


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