We are Always IMPROVING to Serve you Better!

Innovation is the engine that drives a company. Without innovation a company continues to do things the same ways as they’ve always done while technology passes them by.  Remember Blackberry phones? They were the leading edge of cell phone communications years ago but didn’t evolve when the technology in phones passed them. They didn’t embrace the changes that the iPhone offered and refused to keep innovating deciding to stick with what they had.

We’re seeing innovation today in the pipe rehabilitation business that many of you are involved in. Part of my job at Pipe Lining Supply is to keep innovating processes, materials and methods that the plumbing and drain cleaning contractors can adopt and offer improved services to their customers. This past year we’ve developed a couple liner tube innovations to give you more flexibility in lining transitions.

We’ve introduced the Quik-Coating System to give those of you who address drain, waste and vent piping an alternative to ripping out walls, replacing the DWV pipe in the walls, and then sheetrock, tape, texture and paint. The process gives the contractors the option of rehabilitating the DWV piping without displacing the occupants while the process is performed.

But we’re not done innovating. Many of you’ve complained that big trucks and big trailers work great for CIPP lining and AIPPR coating in less densely populated area but don’t work well in congested city centers. We expect to offer a vehicle fully equipped to line and coat pipe in the most densely populated cities in the world without planning traffic control and city permits for closing streets and traffic lanes. Watch for our vehicle designed for work in the crowded neighborhoods that’s big enough to carry all the equipment and materials needed but small enough to fit into a parking space.

We are working formulations for non-styrene resins that will ambient cure predictably. We are also experimenting with UV cure processes. Once completed we will submit them for independent testing and approvals from governing processes.

You, as contractors will innovate differently that what we do. You will look at the process we develop as well as other processes and select those processes that make the best sense for you. The important lesson here is to keep up with innovation. If you are still doing business the same as you were 15 years ago now’s the time to take a look around and see how you can improve.