When Is A Line Too Bad To Line Or Coat?

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When Is A Line Too Bad To Line Or Coat?

I just looked at a job that I’m not sure is something I can line or coat. The cast iron under the basement floor is missing the bottom of the pipe from the floor drain tie in for about 2’. That is 4” cast iron and the rest of it is just scaled up. I think I can clean that up with your high speed cable I bought from you for cleaning scale. After the cast portion the pipe goes out to the main and turns to clay about 1’ outside the house. At 33’ out the clay pipe broke and collapsed. I pushed the broken tiles down the drain and into the main but there is no pipe for about 6’ but the hole is round as the ground hasn’t let go yet. Any suggestions to line this or should I just bust up the basement floor and excavate outside and put in new?”

Certainly you could excavate and replace it all, but I think you could fix the problems with a combination of lining and perhaps coating depending on how many tie ins are after the floor drain tie in you mentioned.

Let’s start inside the house. I would suggest cleaning the cast iron pipe with the flex shaft you bought from us as your first action. I would use a centering device to make sure you don’t do any additional damage to the cast iron. I’d be tempted to vacuum the scale after loosening it as you may have trouble getting the debris past the missing section of clay outside the house. An extension hose can be added to a shop vacuum and pushed down the line to remove the debris.

Now for the missing section of pipe bottom that is about 2’ long. You have a couple of options. One option is to make a point repair to bridge the gap of missing pipe. Another option is to fill the gap with our coating resin then coat the pipe. If there are tie ins after this point, this method would be a good option. Before coating the cast iron with our coating processing your next action would be to address and line the clay section outside the basement. You can attack that while the line is dried for coating or to let the point repair to cure.

To line the clay outside the house you can access the line through a clean-out and do a remote start to the line after any tie-ins. Before shooting liner down this line, you will need to clean the line as best you can. It may mean gentle water flow pushing debris down the line. Some guys accomplish this with a garden hose. Jetting equipment may collapse the line, so low pressure is the rule of the day. After getting this clean enough to line you’d want to install a pre-liner to act as a form for your CIPP liner. I would then line this section of the pipe with a Quik Shot™ or other method all the way to the main if the condition of the pipe calls for it. Once complete we can move back to the cast iron.

Once the cast has been dried, you can begin the coating process with our Quik Coating poly urea process. This will allow you to cover the point repair with coating as well as coating past tie-ins without blocking them. You would need 2 guys for our operation for the day to complete the process. If you lined and coated 100’ of pipe, you would have $1300 to $1500 in supplies including the resin and tube plus the transportation and labor for the day. You can compare this to the out of pocket costs for the open cut process including materials, labor and equipment.

When is the pipe too bad to line or coat? Collapsed line that won’t allow a liner to pass is too bad to line. When there is no surface of pipe to coat, coating is not possible unless the section is rebuilt with other methods.

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