2018 Year in REVIEW

Pipe Lining Supply has had quite a year and wanted to share some of the milestones we’ve made to help the rehabilitation of DWV & Sewers even easier than ever for our contractor customers.

Quik-Coating System

Quik-Coating System
Quik-Coating System

A year ago we launched the Quik-Coating DWV rehabilitation process. After two years of R & D we launched our system that was simple to operate by a single person, included all of the tools needed to clean and coat pipe, a real time CCTV system small enough to see what you were doing, a host of application brushes to coat 1.5” through 8” pipe up to 50’ in lengths.  After coating several thousands of feet of pipe this past year, our ability to rehabilitate cast iron, galvanized pipe, clay pipe, ABS pipe and PVC pipe has been proven. Rehabilitation speeds of up to 50’ of pipe per hour from start to return to service has been demonstrated again and again. The system features the ability to coat pipe leaving tie-ins open without the need for mechanical reinstatement have proven our low cost solution to aging pipe.

NextGen Lateral Lining Material

NextGen Liner
NextGen Liner

We also introduced a new lining material called NextGen™. This material is a non-woven material that stretches from 4” to 6” to cover transitions with a minimal amount of longitudinal stretch. This new material has been received to rave reviews for those needing this solution. It can be welded to either TPU or PVC Cal Tube for remote starts of the liner at some point other than the nozzle of the inversion gun. It can also be pulled into place and expanded for those using that method of installation.

Yellow Calibration Tube HF

Yellow Calibration Tube - High Frequency
Yellow Calibration Tube

To eliminate a seam leak in our 3” calibration tube, we switched to a different material that holds up better to the higher inversion forces needed for 3” lining material. 

Nozzle Improvement – Quik-Shot

Quik-Shot Nozzle Improvement
Quik-Shot Nozzle Improvement

As we evaluate products and processes, we continuously search out new things to improve the CIPP lining and AIPPR coating processes. This past year, Cisco noticed that the shoulders on our nozzles would add some resistance, depending on the material used, at the diameter reduction of the nozzle. He experimented with alternatives and found a tapered cone design that eliminated any resistance caused by the shoulder on the nozzles we were producing. Beginning on January 1, 2019 we will be supplying all new Quik-Shot™ units with the new nozzle design. This design certainly reduces friction at the shoulders and promotes easier inversion of CIPP tube. We’ve developed an exchange program to upgrade your old nozzles to the new design at a nominal cost. Contact us at 888-354-6464 or Email to info@pipeliningsupply.com for exchange information.

Two Brushes are better than ONE!

Dual Brushes

In application of our Quik-Coating resin, several field installers suggested we use 2 brushes instead of one. The idea they shared was that the first brush would mix and spread the poly urea resin and the second brush would smooth the surface much more. We now suggest using the dual brush design to take advantage of this method.

Resin Demand Calculators

Resin Demand Calculator

Many of you asked for a simple calculator to determine how much resin you need for a job. We’ve developed two for you to use. One if for CIPP material with our 4:1 resin system. All you need to add is the footage you want to wet out as well as how much waste you want to add. You can choose 0% to any amount you choose however the ASTM regarding CIPP suggests between 5% and 10%. Our second calculator is for the coating process as prescribed in IGC 351-18. All needed is the line length and it will calculate the amount of resin you need by pipe size. 

Electric Calibration Roller

Electric Calibration Roller Option
Electric Calibration Roller

We added an optional electric drive for our calibration roller. The electric drive can be retrofitted to existing Quik Lining Systems rollers. This gives the operator ability to move the CIPP lining material forward or reverse and makes tube saturation and calibration an easier task. The roller can be ordered for either our table model units or the leg mounted unit, however a roller table extension should be added to provide stability for the assembly. On another note, we are now manufacturing a roller that will wet out up to 8” lining material. It’s narrower to be used with the footprint packed into the cargo van and small trailer but still provide wet out for the sizes we process with the Quik-Shot™.

Air Manifold Regulator Improvement

Another product improvement we added is a dryer to the air manifold regulator. Moisture is a killer of those air regulators and we were seeing multiple failures. After providing our supplier samples of failed units, they determined the cause as excessive moisture. Air compressors are notorious for collecting moisture in the air holding tanks. When air moves through the system moisture is carried along and caught up in the air regulator. This change has gone into effect and it included with all air manifolds shipments forward.

ICC and IAPMO Approvals

Continued testing and approval requests are ongoing. We are updating our approvals through IAPMO, ICC, as well as various local agencies. We have been building relationships with property management organizations, other plumbing and building remodeling organizations to further our efforts to carry our coating process to the industry caring for our aging building DWV systems. We’ve already experienced acceptance by property managers as they see the value of keeping the occupancy space occupied throughout the rehabilitation process. For multifamily units that ability to keep the units full and revenue producing outweighs a lot of other options that involve disrupting the space making it unusable for long periods of time.

December 21, 2018 – The International Code Council (ICC) has approved our Quik Coating Process under their standard PMG-1485. This approval coupled with IAPMO’s IGC351-18a allows for rehabilitation of cast iron, galvanized pipe, clay, ABS, and PVC pipe in sizes from 1.5″ through 8″. We expect the Canadian standard approval to occur in the first quarter of 2019.

MicroShop on Wheels

Custom Graphics – Passenger Side

And last but not least we’ve packaged “MicroShop” a complete drain cleaning, CIPP lining & AIPPR coating vehicle that is ready to go to any job site and clean pipe, line pipe, or coat pipe. We have managed to place all of the equipment needed for all three of these activities including power, Renssi 8mm x 50 cable machine, Renssi 12mm x 118’ cable machine, cleaning tools, 70 CFM compressor, CIPP Quik-Shot™, Quik-Roller with assembly table, Quik-Heater, air manifold, heat manifold, hoses, water recirculation hoses, Quik-Coating machine with all components for coating, Quik-Pox Resin & hardener, Poly Urea coating resin, calibration tube and liner tube. All of this material is housed in a cargo space 7’ wide by 19.75’ long in a Ford Transit van. The van has flooring, insulated walls, insulated ceiling, lighting, e-Trac, and bulkhead. It also features a 3500 Watt inverter that will drive any of the equipment on board and would be enough to power an option rooftop heater/air conditioner. We’ve also built a trailer with similar interior space. These units will let a contractor work in a crowded metropolitan area where space is at a premium or has enough power to perform any cleaning, coating or lining job 1.5” to 8” in diameter.

New Staff at PLS

This past year saw additions of people to our team Leslie King and Bobby Hoskins were added in our Missouri location in January of 2018. Leslie brings office management to our Springfield office while Bobby is active in warehouse and Quik-Coating AIPPR material and equipment assembly. In April, we hired Michelle Strasburg to head our marketing efforts. Michelle has been our webmaster and web designer since the inception of Pipe Lining Supply and has a great depth of knowledge regarding our marketing efforts as well as maintenance of our Website. This past October, Gus Bozzano joined our team as our Technical Representative. He is based in the Philadelphia, PA and will provide support and training to our customers in Northeastern USA and Canada.

As you can see 2018 was an exciting year.  We are equally excited to see what 2019 holds for us.  

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