Quik-Coating Presentation at WWETT Show…

John Heisler – Co-President of Pipe Lining Supply

For those of you still evaluating coating of drain, waste and vent (DWV) piping as well as other conduits, John Heisler from Pipe Lining Supply will present information on the coating process. The presentation will include the methods of application used for the process, the tooling needed to apply the product, some case histories, and the approvals of the process by IAPMO and ICC.

We will cover the following:

  1. The history of piping and how we got to the point of needing rehabilitation/replacement of piping.
  2. Assessment of the pipe and the pipe problems needing to be solved.
  3. Methods needed to properly clean the pipe.
  4. Drives and tooling options for cleaning.
  5. Coating options.
    a. Corrosion Barrier
    b. Patching Pipe Prior to Coating
    c. Rip out and replace
  6. Life expectancy of the coating process.
  7. Machine to deliver material to the pipe.
  8. Parts and pieces of the components.
  9. Assembly of the components.
  10. Camera equipment needed .
  11. Hoses and assembly of application components.
  12. Resin approved and the attributes of the resin.
  13. Proving resin flow prior to applying.
  14. Calculator to determine minimum & maximum thickness.
  15. Applying multiple layers to meet the standard including drying times.
  16. Tricks of the trade to successfully apply the product
  17. Standards – ICC PMG-1485, and IAPMO IGC351-18a

This presentation is designed for any contractors that clean pipe, repair leaking pipe, engineers designing repair for pipe, building owners and property managers.

**If you are an EXHIBITOR: Please fill out this form and return it at the show. Exhibitor Education Registration Form

**If you are an ATTENDEE: Please call 877-978-7322 to register for this seminar

For those of you attending the WWETT show and want to listen to the presentation be sure to sign up for the presentation in advance through registering at the WWETT show website. If unable to attend but still wanting more information contact us at info@pipeliningsupply.com or call us at 888-354-6464.

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