About Us

Your ONE-Stop Shop for Pipe Rehabilitation!

Pipe Lining Supply’s experience in the CIPP industry makes us a PROVEN leader with sewer pipe rehabilitation equipment and top-notch technical trainers.  Not only do we offer pipe rehabilitation products from the kitchen sink to the main sewer, but Pipe Lining Supply also provides all your pipe repair materials and training.   

Lateral Lines
The Quik-Shot™ System is the most advanced CIPP lateral lining system available on the market today extending pipe life for 50+ years.  It is compatible with all manufacturer’s inversion lining materials and is ideal on pipe from 2” to 8” in diameter. The patented design of the unit uses a venturi air system to invert lining material to a continuous feed of any length.  The Quik-Shot™ System is portable, lightweight, and very easy to use. 

Drain, Waste, and Vent Pipes
Pipe Lining Supply also offers equipment to fix smaller diameter pipes and works great with multiple tie-ins.  The Quik-Coating System not only is superior for pipe repair in 1.5”to 8” diameter but also can be applied to many types of pipe.  The best reason to use this system is there is no need to tear up any walls or floors to rehabilitate the pipe, which makes it an inexpensive alternative.  This 5-MINUTE FAST DRY process also extends pipe life to better than new conditions. 

Pipe Rehabilitation Materials
Pipe Lining Supply is your ONE-STOP SHOP!  We stock all your pipe repair materials for any job big or small.  We offer liner materials, resins, and many other essentials to get the job done!  Our materials are competitively priced, and we offer same-day shipping or customer pick-up.

Top Training and Customer Support
In addition, we train and support installers throughout the USA to be the most knowledgeable and efficient in their goals. Our staff of technical representatives has many years of plumbing, excavating, pipe bursting, CIPP lining, pipe coating (DWV piping), and much more experience to share with its clients.