CIPP Solutions for Tie-Ins

Many of you perform work inside buildings where many branch lines have tied in to a line your were lining with CIPP materials we supplied you. This past year we introduced the Quik-Coating Process which allows you to coat Drain, Waste and Vent (DWV) piping without the worry of opening branch lines or having opened branch lines leak sewage between the host pipe and the liner flow coming down the branch line.

We have a couple of offerings that those of you wanting to stick with CIPP lining for these branch line tie-ins.

We offer several tools to open and debur the branch line that has been lined over with the CIPP material. Our reinstatement tools have a wide range and ability to get down to 2” branch lines for reinstatement. They can be driven by our range of Renssi high speed cabling equipment.

We also are distributing branch line seals that get down to 2” in diameter using the CIPP process to accomplish the job. Contact Us for more information!

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