High Speed Drain Cleaning – The New Frontier

Many of you that read this newsletter have embraced the high-speed versions of cable drain cleaning technology while thousands of drain cleaning contractors have yet to hear of it. While the technology is evolving, we’ve stepped up as well. We are stocking a full range of tools that adapt to this technology in our warehouses. These tools include chain knockers, sanding devices, brushes, and cutters. Check out our list of items by downloading the catalog at www.pipeliningsupply.com.

As this technology evolves, we’ve looked for CCTV options that makes the cleaning process easier than using your push rod technology. Watching some of you who are attempting to use the high speed equipment with that technology struggle with winding the CCTV cable at the same time you are trying to wind the high speed cable back into a spool. The trip on the way out may be hampered by a “sticky” camera reel or the orientation of where you are working. Why is it that they never leave plenty of room for us to work and insist on building out every square inch of space for other things? We’ve solved the problem for cable that’s less than 50’ with our small, portable, CCTV camera with soft cable that can be taped on to the sheathing of the high-speed cable. As we work with our partners on product development we hope to have a longer cable soon to extend the lengths of cabling we can tie a camera to.

For those of you not using a camera with your high-speed cable efforts, you are missing out on a major time saver. Since the sheathing doesn’t spin and remains static, you can attach a camera to the cable. Attaching is simple. Tape will hold the camera head to the sheathing so you can see what you are doing. Instead of cleaning a line segment that needs no cleaning, you can move to the areas that need cleaning, clean those areas in seconds instead of minutes and move on. By the time you’ve reached the end of the line you are working on your are done, and by recording the job you’ve done by pulling the cable and CCTV back out, you have a record you can give to your customer. While a camera isn’t a required option, the money it will save you will more than pay for itself in a couple of drain cleaning jobs.

Additionally, this technology will give you an opening to talk to your customers about permanent remediation of the reasons you needed to clean the line in the first place. It may include CIPP lining or AIPPR coating options. With the video available you have an easy talking point to talk to your customer about solutions.

For more information on this technology or to arrange a demonstration, call us at 888-354-6464 or email to info@pipeliningsupply.com.

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