Limited Warranty

Pipe Lining Supply is pleased to welcome you to our family of CIPP lining equipment with our Quik-Shot™ System. With proper maintenance and care, this system will provide many hours of service. Pipe Lining Supply warranties that all equipment supplied shall be free of material defect for a period of 1 year from date of purchase, and with the following provisions:

  1. Quik-Shot™ System shall be used and maintained according to all handling and operating instructions.
  2. Failure caused by misuse, abuse, or application of materials or processes not designed for the equipment voids warranty. A distributor or 3rd party owner shall allow Pipe Lining Supply personnel to inspect the equipment.
  3. Warranties apply to the equipment supplied by Pipe Lining Supply and do not extend to labor provided by others.
  4. The cosmetic appearance shall not be covered; i.e. Appearance includes any discoloration, deformities caused usage, normal wear and tear, and handling of the Quik-Shot™ System.
  5. Personal Injury or Property Damage caused by exceeding performance limitations shall not be covered by any warranty expressed or implied, nor shall Pipe Lining Supply be held responsible by anyone for such damage.