ONLINE Resin Demand Calculator – Now Available!

“I’ve tried several ‘on line’ programs to calculate the amount of resin I need for a job. All of them are asking for details that I either don’t have or don’t know. I understand the math of multiplying the resin pounds per foot of the material size you are using and getting the resin and hardener, but it sure would be helpful to have a very simple program that I could just plug in a couple of variables and get an answer. Can you provide us with this or is it too difficult to produce an easy calculator?”

As your request came to me I thought about the concept and worried about those variables from a pure engineering viewpoint, however we’ve taken worst case scenarios to determine the thickness of the products we provide you plus adding in a safety factor of 2, a couple of ounces of resin more or less won’t sink your job. With that in mind I tailored two charts, one for CIPP lining materials from 2” through 12” materials. The second calculator is the resin demand for AIPPR coating per IGC-351 standards. Let’s review the two calculators.

The CIPP Resin Demand Calculator
The CIPP Resin Demand Calculator

The CIPP calculator features each pipe diameter material available in inches. The next is the thickness of the material you want to “wet out”. Next is the resin demand in pounds per foot for that diameter and tube thickness. Once you’ve identified the diameter and thickness, your next step is to type in the number of feet of pipe you are lining. The next column is set at a 5% for waste default, however you can change the amount of waste from 0% to any number. The input is .05 for a 5% so changing it to 10% would simply have you change the value to .10 or 0 if you don’t want any waste. Remember the standard found in ASTM F-1216 says you should add between 5% and 10% to the resin calculation for waste. (Waste includes wetting out material that won’t be inside the pipe or left in the bucket during adding resin to the tube.) After those two variables are set, it will calculate the resin demand for our 4:1 resin in terms of how much hardener you need as well as the base you need. Added together will determine the total resin you will need for this job. Easy peasy. No standing on your head.

AIPPR Resin Calculator
The AIPPR Resin Calculator

The AIPPR calculator features pipe diameter from 1 1/4” through 8” diameter pipe. When you pick the diameter of pipe you are going to coat, the calculator tells you how many ounces per foot of pipe you need to meet the minimum thickness of UPC IGC-351-18. It will tell you the approximate number of coats to achieve that minimum thickness. You only have one input here. Plug in the number of feet of pipe you plan to coat. The calculator will provide you ounces as well as pounds of resin. Remember the standard calls for a minimum however conditions may demand more thickness up to reducing the pipe diameter to double the minimum thickness.

Both calculators are found at the Pipe Lining Supply website found in the “Customer” section of the site. For more information or to become a customer, call us at 888-354-6464 or write

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