Quik-Coating Systems

Quik-Coating System

The Quik-Coating System is designed for the rehabilitation of drain, waste and vent piping 1.5” thru 16”*.

 50 ft each of red and blue hoses.
 Remote control flow meter.
 2 sets of quick connects for resin with clear hoses.
 3/8” brass compression fitting to ¼” barb fitting.
 6 white plugs.

 Process has IAPMO approval and follows UPC

Resin Kit

This system uses a 2-part resin system that is specially designed for this application. 

 System requires an A and B.


 System requires brushes for coating.
 Brushes available in sizes 1.5”‐16”

Brush Cleaner & Acetone

 System requires a pail of brush cleaner and a pail of acetone.

Micro Camera – 50′ 

 14mm camera on 50’ flexible cord
 Monitor
 Viewing glasses

Sewer Drain Camera System 100′

 Equipped with a 7/8” camera head, 100’ fiberglass cable. 
 7’’ LCD monitor with SD card recording.
 Self leveling feature.

*Larger size pipe can be coated with additional equipment.