Same but Better!

By John Heisler

Pipe Lining Supply – Over 18 years of history and getting stronger every day. We have been the leader in developing technologies for the sewer rehabilitation business and aren’t slowing down with product developments, improvements, and product line expansion to help you perform work more efficiently than ever before.

Our investment into these activities include adding the state-of-the-art UV technology. We expanded our offerings of the full line of Picote, RIGID, and IMS equipment designed to aid you in your lining and coating activities. We’ve added distribution facilities that get products to you quickly and have invested in additional inventories to make sure you have the materials you need when you need them to reduce back orders. Finally, we’ve formalized our training to encompass best practices for the lining and coating industries helping you and your crews to be more efficient and productive.

The Quik-Shot has embraced UV technology by adding a UV adapter that works with the LightRay LRI to allow you to use UV liners in tight spaces. The LRI system can invert and cure 50’ at a time of pre-impregnated fiberglass liner with LightRay LED technology. This is just the beginning with this exciting technology. If you have a Quik-Shot, call us today to see how you can upgrade your Quik-Shot to accept this new technology.

Picote has been a leader in CIPP cutters and tooling to assist you in the lining business. We have added their full line of products making them available to you including an amazing cutter to remove liner over shots, coating drips, collapsed liners, as well as reinstatement methods for opening branch lines that have been lined over.

PLS also added the RIGID line of camera and locating equipment giving you one stop to gather all the materials and equipment you need to rehabilitate any sewer pipe. 

PLS has also enhanced our training facilities giving you and your people a better understanding of lining in the field as opposed to the old methods of teaching you to line a straight 10’ pipe of pipe in the classroom. Our training experience gives you the confidence that you can go out and line or coat pipe without the fear of failure.

We continue to invest in research and development to stay ahead of the competition and give you the assurance that the materials you install have been tested and approved for use by third party labs. We further submit the testing and results of this testing to various agencies for approval for use in their sewer system.

For more information contact us at 888-354-6464 or write us at Let us help you with writing your success story.

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