Superior Pipe Cleaning Process and Equipment

“I tried your Renssi cable on the high-speed cable machine and it lasts longer and turns easier than what I was using. Just wanted to say thanks for getting me a better product. Your chain knockers also last much longer than others I’ve tried. You should advise others using competitive equipment about this. Thanks again!” ~JD

JD, thanks for the kind words and I will pass this on to the folks at Renssi who’ve committed to us to provide the highest quality product they can make. When we were evaluating equipment manufacturers for these products we were impressed with their attention to detail. Often times there is a disconnect between the makers of products and the people who use them. Our job is to provide the products the end users need and be the conduit between the end user and manufacturer to provide products that will complete the job better, cheaper and faster than the competition. While it’s not always possible to provide all three qualities, we can provide the information needed to balance them. So let’s look at some of the products and the improvements that beat the competition and why.

There are several components on the cable that make it superior in our opinion and apparently your opinion as well. First of all the sheathing on our high speed cable is more flexible and last longer than other cables. Another item is the roller bearing and stop assembly on the tool end. Also adapted to the cable end is a crimp fitting that encases the cable keeping it from fraying. Renssi also uses a superior grade of steel to produce the cable providing superior cable life.

The machines they produce are outfitted with a clutch that prevents the cable from twisting and kinking. This clutch is available as an option that can be used with a cable and drill separately. Both clutches and cables are available at all our locations.

You also mentioned our chain-knockers long life. Renssi again uses superior materials and methods to produce those chain knockers and we’ve had several reports of the longer life. One product improvement that came from the field is the cyclone chain knocker. Many of you guys use those to cut CIPP liner that protrudes from a shot that goes into the main. The over-sized unit will cut the protruding material leaving a nice finished liner right up to the entrance to the main.

While we often tell customers about the superior products we carry the proof is in the hands of the end user. Everyday every product makes claims that they have a superior product but until it’s proven most of us just write it off as “sales claims”. So until we can get the materials in the hands of the user it just remains a “sales claim”. If you’d like to experience that same thing JD experienced, call us at 888-354-6464 or write us at

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