Lateral Lining Material

Our goal is to serve the industry with a complete warehouse stocked with the best products at the lowest delivered cost on a timely basis. Many types of sewer liners are designed for your particular job. Material for straight lines, lines with 90’s or 45’s, or lines that change in diameter. Resins satisfy the agency requirements and have different working times depending on your job.

Pipe Lining Supply stocks a complete line of lining materials for all your lateral lining needs. Available for customer pick-up or will ship out the same day.

USA Scrim Liner

Our Universal Sanitary Application liner takes the guesswork out of which product to use for different pipe configurations.  Made in the USA, our coated scrim-reinforced liner can work in any pipe.  Available in 4” and 6”
USA Transition Scrim Liner

The USA Made transitional flex liner adapts to variable conditions in the pipe. Easy to invert and navigates 90-degree bends with ease. Available in 4” and 6”
Stitched Seam Felt Liner

PU coated polyester felt w/wo scrim. Available in 3mm or 4.5mm thickness. Stitched seam makes inversion easy. Excellent for straight lines or lines with 22 degrees or 45-degree turns. Available in 3” – 12”
Next-Gen Liner

This product is specially prepared needled felt that can transition from 4” to 6” diameter and negotiate bends. Available in 4.5”

Super Flex ThinVery flexible 2mm thick liner with stitched seam and PU coating. Negotiates bends up to 90 degrees with minimal wrinkling.
Available in 2”- 4”

Super Flex ThickVery flexible 4.5mm thick liner with stitched seam and PU coating. Negotiates bends up to 90 degrees and can be used in diameter changes with minimal wrinkling. Available in 3”- 8”

Transition Liners

PU-coated polyester felt with or without scrim. Stitch seam for ease of inversion. Use when piping changes from 4” to 6”. 50ft of 4” & 50ft of 6” with the transition. Can special order other sizes.

Other liners available – call for details.

Our liners are ASTM, IAPMO, and ICC compliant and registered.