This 199,000 BTU propane water heater gives you the ability to cure your liners quickly.  This heater will deliver up to 150 degree water.  By using propane, it can be operated inside a building.  All this in a compact unit that can easily be maneuvered by one man.

Quik Heat Manifold

  • Water manifold to be used with the Quik-Heater for  3”, 4”, 6” and 8” liners.

Red & Black Circulation Hose

  • Use with the Quik-Heater. 25 feet long with male and female camlock connectors.Boiler Hoses

Lay Flat Hose

  • 50 feet lay flat hose with 1- male and 1-female hose fittings link together for heating. 100 foot also available without hose fittings.

Dome Head Manifold

  • The Domeheld Manifold connects on the Quik-Shot nozzle for either heat cure or air cure.