Our goal is to serve the industry with a complete warehouse stocked with the best products at the lowest delivered cost on a timely basis. Many types of resins designed for your individual job.  Resins that satisfy the agency requirements and that have different working times depending on your job.

Pipe Lining Supply stocks a complete line of resins for all your lateral lining and coating needs. Available for customer pick-up or will ship out same day.

Resins Stocked in Base, 15, 30 & 60 Minute Hardeners

Epoxy Resin 

Quik-Pox™ epoxy resin specially designed for the lateral lining business.  Detailed product information, Spec sheets, MSDS, and mixing instructions located on

Vinyl Ester Resin

Vinyl Ester resin combined with our AF felt liner meets the Greenbook requirement for the City of Los Angeles. Available in 5 gallon pails of 40 lbs. each, and is activated with the Perk catalyst listed below. This resin system is very easy to use.

Polyester Resin

Quik PE Polyester Resin is an economical resin option.  Polyester resin has been used in the lining business for years. It is a styrene based resin that is activated with a Perk catalyst listed below.  Available in 5 gal pails or 40 lbs each or 55 gal drums.


The Perkadox catalyst is sold in small pre-measured containers that are packaged 16 per case. This fine powder easily mixes with either the Vinyl Ester Resin or the Polyester Resin to facilitate a consistent and uniform cure.

Resin Kit – Poly Urea Resin for Coating Process

Each Kit includes 1 each of the “A” and “B” specially designed resins in easy to handle boxed containers. Available in 1 gal. cubetainers