Lateral Lining – CIPP Pipe Repair

Pipe Lining Supply offers a lateral sewer lining system that will increase your capacity to line pipe without increasing your fleet of trucks and trailers. The Quik-Shot™ system fits into small spaces but is able to process a lot of liner in a short amount of time. We can go from the “wet out” calibration process directly into the ground without having to saturate the tube, put it into a cooling device, haul it to the installation unit, load it and shoot it. No extra ropes, winches, threading, tapping or processing. As it comes off the calibration roller, it goes directly into the ground through the Quik-Shot™.  We are a leader in Trenchless Sewer Pipe Relining!

Have you ever wondered how you can fix the sewer line?  Or interesting in fixing your sewer line?  Contact Pipe Lining Supply and they will help you rehabilitate your sewer line without digging!! Your NO Dig Sewer Repair!

Pipe Lining Supply specializes in sewer maintenance and trenchless sewer pipe repair equipment supplies. Here is a list of some of our most popular items. Many more items are available.

Pipe Lining Supply, Inc. offers a wide variety of equipment and process to help the lateral lining industry perform the work BETTER, CHEAPER, AND FASTER than the competition. When selecting the system that you plan to put to work for you, consider all of the costs including initial cost, labor costs, material costs, and operating costs.

We repair/rehabilitate the following Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP).

  • Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Repair – either broken sewer pipes, tree – root intrusions, corroded sewer pipe,
  • Clay Sewer Drain Pipe Repair – We rehabilitate Clay Pipe that is broken or has scale.
  • PVC Sewer Pipe Repair / Plastic Sewer Pipe Repair / ABS Sewer Pipe Repair – Clogged sewer pipes, cracked pipes, or broken sewer pipes.
  • Orangeburg Sewer Pipe Repair – Collapsed sewer pipes, or clogged sewer line repair.

Ask us how we can help you make the right choice and become more efficient today!