Adding Lubricant

“I’m having trouble getting my Quik-Shot™ to feed liner even if the pipe is straight as an arrow. I know turns and offsets need some attention, but I thought I should be able to shoot a 50’ straight liner with no problem. Any suggestions?”

I watched a YouTube video of a guy struggling to shoot a liner in a straight pipe as you described. In the video, it appeared he was squirting a shot of lubricant every so often to the bottom side of the liner as it entered the gun. The biggest source of friction and inability to get the liner to move through the pipe is the lack of lubrication to the liner coating.

Most coatings are plastic, PU, PVC, or other polymers that hold the resin from oozing out as it is being saturated and installed. These coatings tend to stick to each other when folded as found in the inversion process of installation. Many people still use vegetable oil which we know stains surfaces when it drips or falls on surfaces and causes more labor than the inversion of the tube to remove the staining oil. Years ago, we solved that problem with our SLIC ™ product to lubricate the tube without staining surrounding surfaces. Using enough lubrication on both sides of the liner should solve your problem.

One other issue that could impede your inversion is a lack of sealing the gasket to the stiffener plate. If the gasket isn’t sealed, too much air escapes making it virtually impossible to invert the liner. You can check the seal with a credit card inserted between the gasket and stiffener plate.

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