Big Job Small Space

By: John Heisler

How often has it happened to you? You get a chance to shoot a liner from the house to the sewer main in the street some 45 feet out from the house but when you look at the job your lining equipment won’t fit into the space. You have three options, and you weigh the impact and cost of those three choices. By the way, you currently own a tank type inversion unit.

Small Spaces work perfectly with the Quik-Shot

Your first thought is to rig up the tank to sit remotely outside a window feeding the liner into the tank and shooting it through the hoses from the tank. The window is old and stuck and is higher than the tank outlet, so you’d have to elevate the tank and get the stuck window open without damaging the building. As you assess the situation you realize that the added work needed to shoot this liner will eat up your profit, so you move on to your second choice.

You’ve pulled liner into place before and maybe this job would be a good candidate for this. You head to the sewer main to see where the first downstream manhole is located. Unfortunately, it is located 500 feet down a busy four lane road.  You’d have to open the manhole in traffic giving you the expense of permits, traffic control, and fishing a line from the entry point at the building to the downstream manhole.  Again, you see dollars flying out the window only to break even on the job. No, this won’t work for you.

You’ve heard about the Quik-Shot inversion System but have no experience with it and don’t own one. You contact the technical representative to ask some questions about size, weight and whether it would be useful for this job. Impressive! You own UV equipment and would like to use it for this job. You find out there is an attachment to perform UV installations. Great! You want to see proof that it works, and you ask if you can see a demo or an actual job installation if possible. Your technical rep can make that happen and you decide that of the three options, this one looks like the best.  You also find out that many of the longer jobs you’ve turned down can be accomplished with the Quik-Shot as the only limiting factor to length is air volume.  No problem there as you own several 175CFM compressors.

If you are finding jobs that are making you stand on your head to get liner in the ground, the Quik-Shot may be the right answer for you. Call us today at 888-354-6464 or email us at

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