Maintenance Kit for Quik-Coating System Now Available

When using the Quik-Coating System every day requires little maintenance, intermittent usage with long gaps between use requires a little storage consideration.

After 4-6 hours of non-use, the B-side of the resin begins to settle the material we used to adjust the hardness of the finished coating. And before using it again, even overnight, requires stirring the hardener back into the rest of the resin.

Overnight the A-side needs no attention, however, if you are going to store the unit and disconnecting the A-side, you may find crystallization of the A-side. This crystallization will return to liquid when heated and is perfectly suited for use after dissolving the crystals back into the liquid.

To mitigate the accumulation of crystals when the unit is NOT being used for a few days, we’ve provided a kit to flush the system of any residue left from either the A or B side. The kit allows the operator to disconnect the A & B quick connectors, connect the flush material, disconnect the red and blue hoses, and pump the cleaner through the unit from the cleaning containers into another empty container. Once flushed, the remaining cleaning liquid can be left in the supply hoses, the pumps, and the capped whips until the next usage.

For a startup, the resin may be reconnected after stirring back in the hardener in the B-side and straining any crystals from the A-side. You may then pump the cleaning material through the pumps and into the receptacles provided to hold the cleaning solution.

The pumps should be stopped once the resin is observed replacing the cleaning solution. The receptacles should then be stored for reuse, maintaining the A to the A and the B to the B side. The hoses then can be reconnected to the A & B whips and you’re ready to coat. This process will help you maintain the Quik-Coating unit and is a good practice if storing the equipment.

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