Harassment From Competitors and Customers To Feel Slighted

“I have grown a decent drain cleaning business over the years. We aren’t the biggest by any means but not the smallest either. When we started, Yellow Pages was our main source of advertising and everything went along fine until social media emerged. We decided to keep up with technology and moved our advertising efforts to TV and social media so we would show up on internet searches and hopefully get a call to service the caller’s troubles. For a while, things went along fine and we did get referrals from the internet. Then we also started receiving negative comments. We tried reaching out to solve their issues only to be stonewalled as to what the problem was or what we could do to resolve it. After a lot of phone calls to the social media people and wringing of hands, we discovered a competitor who decided they could attack us. He decided he could gain business by bashing us. Any advice?”

We have had the same experience as I think many or most businesses have had in the new internet age. The only difference between now and what happened during the old “Yellow Page” days was that during that time bad mouthing was usually a one on one activity. Now a bad post on the internet can reach millions with a few keystrokes. Our experience has been more positive than negative in the long run. Sure people see these types of posts. To fight that, we’ve requested satisfied customers post a positive review if they could. The positive reviews overwhelm the negative ones and make the negative poster look foolish.

I’ve often wondered how much business activity these negative nellies have? If they have time to post negative comments instead of working they must not have much business. Best advice, keep doing what you are doing. Provide the best service you can provide and ask your customers to rate you on social media and post positive reviews for you.

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