Buying In Before Or After You Get A Job?

“I really want to get into the lining business but just haven’t found a job yet that has a pipe the customer wants to be lined. I’ve researched the process and haven’t found any negative aspects of the process but people aren’t asking for that service when I clean their pipes. As soon as I get a job, I’d like to buy your system as your customers like the size, the cost of the equipment and the excellent service your staff provides your customers. Do your existing customers just have their customers asking for this service or is there a method I should use to get them interested?”

A couple of things could help you get jobs lining pipes but you have to be proactive. Better than 90% of the jobs that came before purchasing equipment never came to fruition. Usually, sewer clogs are an immediate problem that needs an immediate fix. Yes, you can get the pipe open as you respond to the call but most folks move on very quickly after their sewer is functioning again.

If you open the line and educate the customer about options to prevent future clogs, your opportunity to close a sale is then. Waiting for you to get trained gives the customer to think about options and start shopping around. Waiting a week or two for you to buy equipment, learn the process, and install a liner usually is a recipe for inviting a competitor to take the job away from you.

Here’s the bottom line. We both know that a sewer line with roots will continue to attract roots after you clean the pipe. We also know the roots grow bigger with each cleaning. We know there are competitors who have the ability to fix the pipe by lining it. Further, we know that the more knowledge held by the competitor with regard to lining pipe (since they already do it), they can answer questions you haven’t even thought of yet. With those advantages, they will get the work you planted the seed for.

Our best customers started during their research just like you did. The difference is they took an approach convinced they could sell the process to anyone with roots or broken pipe issues if they acquired the equipment and knowledge before selling work than after. The knowledge they gained in acquiring the technology, the training they received and the ability to know what they were representing made it much easier to sell and prevented them from trying to apply the process to jobs that weren’t good candidates for lining pipe.

Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have the more power you get. Being able to talk the talk and walk the walk with potential customers is way more powerful than trying to sell something they know little about.

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