Winning & Losing in the Market Place

“I’m in an area that mostly digs up and replaces the pipe. When I present CIPP lateral lining as a possible alternative, most of my customers would prefer to dig up the old pipe and put a new one in. Do you have any tips that would help be more successful in presenting lining over having them chose the dig and replace option?”

When your customer understands CIPP lateral lining he would choose it every time over digging and replacement. The problem we see is educating the customer so they understand the processes you are proposing. The first and most important person in the process is you. You have to understand the process and fully believe in it. If your approach is “my sales rep that sells the product to us says it’s really good”, I can just about guarantee that you won’t sell the job. That old adage that you can’t sell anything you don’t believe in. If you are fully sure that the product or process works it’s a pretty tough road to travel trying to sell lateral lining. So the first job you have is to sell yourself in the process. You will need to educate yourself on the process to the point you know as much about the process as you know about digging up and replacing the pipe. The next job you have is to educate your techs on the process and get their buy into the process as well as your knowledge of the process.

Where, you ask, can I find out all I need to know about the process? Right here. We produce weekly articles about the pipe rehabilitation industry including cleaning and preparation, the processes available, and all of the tips and tricks of the trade to be successful. You can view our website You will land on our weekly blog page with our last 3 blogs. To review previous blogs, scrolling down you will come to an archive box that you can click on and browse old posts. You can and should download the American Society of Testing Materials or ASTM applicable to the process. There are two to CIPP lining, ASTM F-1216 and ASTM F-1743 that covers inverting material as well as pulling it into place. In those documents, there are various test methods used to test the finished products as well as terminology, chemical resistance tests, durability tests, and strength tests. This process has been around since the 1970s and has been one of the most tested products ever launched into the market. Once you get knowledge your success will more than outweigh your losses.

Further, Pipe Lining Supply offers training and certification classes regularly and you can contact us for the next classes and class locations. Once you educate yourself and know the process inside and out you will find success in presenting the process and acquiring more work. For more information contact us at +1-888-354-6464 or write

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