200th LightRay LR3 + Quik-Shot = BUNDLE PRICING

In less than 2 years since the launch, we have more than 200 LR3 units servicing customers across the United States… and beyond! This would not have been possible without our loyal customer base and the feedback we’ve received. Together we were able to make an outstanding product that is simple and delivers on its promises.

Do we have your attention, if you are wondering if we are sold out, we are producing units weekly right here in the USA. So, take this opportunity to “see the light” and join the LightRay family by signing up so that you are informed when we release new units for sale.

Pipe Lining Supply and LightRay have put together a promotional package that you do not want to miss. Due to the success of the LR3, through the end of the year, we have put together a promotional package. What’s included:

After spending time talking with our customers, we realized that the LightRay LR3 and Quik-Coating System belong together. How often do you find yourself repairing a drain, vent, or waste pipe but finding a void that is too large to use a pipe coating solution? No problem. Bring out the LR3, which is right at providing spot repairs, patch the void in under 15 minutes, and get right back finishing out your repair by Quik-Coating the deteriorating pipe. There are many other advantages but here is just one example of how LightRay and Quik-Coating can work for you! Contact Us Today

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