Cameras for High-Speed Cables

For those of you using high speed cables – whether they are attached to your drills or whether they are in one of the cable machines similar to our Renssi units  shown here – we have a solution to watch your tools work in real time without attaching your stiff camera cable to the sheathing on the high speed cables.

The features on these two cameras include both a 50’ and a 148’ cable with lens. The cables are flexible meaning you won’t need to wind the cables back into a spool and remain out of your way going both in and out of the pipe. You can tape the lens and the first couple of feed to the sheathing then let the sheathing pull the lens down the line. Your wireless goggles give you heads up display as you’re working to clean your line or coat your pipe. You can record your work on a san disk memory card for sharing the video with your customer. To change from the 50’ cable to the 148’ cable is a simple matter of unplugging one and attaching the other – less than a 15 second change.

The pricing levels are very competitive, and the manpower needed to operate this type of unit is much less than having a second person winding cables back into a spool holder.

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