Coating Crew Size Considerations

“I was wondering how your coating machine works? I watched a competitive unit and it took 3 guys to operate. I have applications for this type of equipment as I get cast iron pipe replacement jobs all the time, but I work alone and I can replace cast iron by myself without hiring other guys to help me. Do you need a crew to operate your coating machine?”

You are in luck. Our coating machine is designed for a one-man operation. The coating equipment components each weigh less than 75 pounds. Two trips from the van or truck to the site of entry into the pipe to be coated will get all materials and equipment needed for the job by a single operator. The high-speed cabling machine, 60#’s, is used for both cleaning and coating.

The operator will clean the pipe to be coated using chain knockers and sander attachments to prepare the pipe. Once cleaned, the cleaning tools are removed and replaced with brushes to be used for the coating process. The brushes may be used for sweeping the pipe of any remaining loose debris from the chain knockers and sanders by running the brushes to the far end and back again. Our coating machine without resin weighs in at less than 75#’s and the resin kits A & B weigh in at 20#’s. The camera & wireless viewing glasses weighs 3#’s.

The pipe is cleaned by a single operator using a high-speed cable machine turning at between 1800 rpm and 3500 rpm. This process is similar to cleaning with a conventional cable machine, but at a much faster rate than the 300 RPM or less than what a conventional cable machine spins. The debris can be pushed out of the pipe with the coating brushes prior to the delivery of resin. Flushing the line with water after descaling and brushing is a good practice to push any debris particles left in the pipe.

A blower is used to dry the line. We recommend an electric leaf blower with a calibration tube used as an extender of the blower to deliver air to the area cleaned. Once cleaned and brushes are added to the camera/cable train used for cleaning, the coating can begin, again utilizing the single individual used for the cleaning process. Resin flow is proven as outlined in our step by step procedure found here:, as well as the other steps to coat the pipe.

Many customers outfit their vehicles with this tool to allow a tech to respond to a backup call, open the drain, and then offer the service of descaling the pipe at an extra charge and offering coating to prevent the scale from reestablishing itself over time. For more information contact us at +1-888-354-6464 or email

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