Solutions for Vent Stacks Rehabilitation

“We have your coating machine and are really happy with the results we are getting from the Quik-Coating process and use it for well over 90% of rehabilitating vent stacks. We do have an issue every so often where the tie-in connection is so badly damaged we have nothing to apply the coating to. We’ve tried using a patch kit for a point repair but when we do we still have a tap to open, which we can do, but I can’t get to the backside to seal the lateral tie-in and I worry that sewage will seep between the host pipe and the patch as there is some shrinking of the resin and you can see the gap. If I can get to the backside to seal the lateral connection with the coating machine I’m good, but when I can’t is there anything I can use to better seal that connection?”


The short answer is “we have a solution”.  We are distributing the Repiper product here in the USA. The product has many variations to different sizes in both Y’s & T’s. For example, a 4” line by 2” tee is available as is a 3” by 3” wye and virtually every other combination you will run into on the job. We are carrying the packers and tooling to allow installation to be completed for all tie-ins that can’t be rehabilitated with our coating process. Below are some of the tooling and Y’s & T’s.

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