Automated Resin Calculators, Step By Step Installation, And Portability

“We like your calculators and processes you’ve posted on your website but sometimes our phones are not available for one reason or another and we need to follow the proper steps and how much resin we need. Can you have some way to get the information without relying on spotty cell service or manuals you provided from our training classes?”

We’ve been busy preparing a small electronic device that attaches to the Quik-Shot™ or Quik-Coating Unit that you can use on-site. Our intent with providing this device is to give you computer-generated calculations for resins (both coating and lining) and to follow our checklist for the step by step manuals without needing to connect to the internet. This will allow you access to all the information you need to execute a job without searching for the operator’s manuals, step by step manuals, and resin calculators.

The units are provided with all the pre-loaded software you need, along with a charging cord, and Velcro strips to mount to your Quik-Coating machine or Quik-Shot™.

The fully loaded unit sells for $295.00 complete with all the software loaded. It is fully compatible with WIFI if it’s available so you can use other applications or download your own company software. For those wanting to add their only internal company software that pertains to their crews, they may simply establish a Google Account online.  Once they’re set up can plug the computer into any regular computer with a USB port and transfer company information or use the Google Account to transfer any cloud-based software.

For more information contact us at +1-888-354-6464 or email

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