One Solution Doesn’t Fit All Jobs

“I have a job that the pipe is virtually collapsed and I’d like to line the pipe. I can’t get a camera through the collapse but thought I’d try to blow a liner through the line and open the collapsed pipe open, hold pressure on the liner and restore the line. My question is how much pressure will I need to open the collapsed line?”

If you can get enough pressure to overcome all the live and dead load that collapsed the pipe in the first place, you’d have quite a piece of equipment, especially if it wouldn’t blow out the lining material during this re-rounding of the pipe.

I think all of us wish we’d find that one “silver bullet” solution that would fix everything kind of like the Vegematic processor. Oh, wait, it doesn’t fix everything you can do with vegetables. Lining, pipe bursting, excavation, sewage lining, coating, point repair processes, Link Pipe, and the rest are not the magic “silver bullet”. There isn’t one fix for all and it’s best to find that out before you try to apply the only fix you have in your tool box to the problem at hand. While we produce CIPP lining equipment and AIPPR pipe coating equipment they are a couple of tools in the wide range of available tools. When you have a problem to fix, consider all the options. It may mean one solution, but it also may mean you have several solutions to make the job whole. I’ve observed pipe bursting operations crack a homes foundation, liners that got stuck in a collapsed position under railroad tracks, and last but certainly least, excavating jobs that have gone South.

The best way to prevent trying to apply a single fix to every job thrown your way is to educate yourself. The more you know the more you have the ability to minimize risk. Learning about all the possible solutions you can use to solve a problem does a couple of things for you.

  • First, you will have a better grasp of what the best solution is for solving the problem.
  • Secondly it will make you more valuable to your customers who look to you as the expert. You will be able to choose and apply the technology that would best solve the problem.
  • Lastly, but most importantly, you will know costs of what it will take for each solution that will give you a leg up on your competitors. If a competitor comes in with their “one trick pony” solution, you will be able to compete not only on price but offering options that allow you to point out the pitfalls of their one fit option, especially if their solution is more expensive than yours. But you will be able to tell them you could offer them a better solution than what your competition offered and have the knowledge to explain why.

If you are in the lining industry and want to learn more about other technologies, talk to the reps who sell other technologies. They’ll tell you what their equipment can and can’t do. Research what price levels are for your trade area. If you are not in the lining business talk to us and we’ll provide you the knowledge you need. Our contact information is Pipe Lining Supply, call +1-888-354-6464 or write See you down the line.

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