Exploring The Pipe Lining Supply Compact Lining & Coating Vehicle

“We saw the Ford Transit Van decked out with drain cleaning equipment, CIPP lining equipment and AIPPR Quik Coating DWV pipe rehabilitation. We walked through the unit and it looked great but didn’t get any pictures or specs. Can you provide detail of the unit with some more pictures?”

We are building this vehicle to provide contractors who work in close quarters such as city metropolitan areas, tight neighborhoods with limited parking, and other areas where a small footprint vehicle is the only way to get camera inspection equipment, drain cleaning, lining or coating job completed yet give the contractor full capacity to tackle any job inside the house all the way out to the main. The cargo van you saw is a 350 Ford Transit with extended length and the tallest version Ford makes. Insulated walls, LED overhead lighting, 3500 Watt inverter, 2 batteries, 6 cylinder gas engine with ECO boost turbocharger, shelving, hydraulic hoist, and E-Track to hold things in place.

Let’s start with the drain cleaning equipment. We decked the unit out with two drain cleaning devices. The larger of the 2 is a Renssi RCM-36 cable machine that holds 118’ of cable that will spin a drain cleaning cable at high speed. The unit features a 12mm diameter cable sheathed inside a special tube that remains stationery while the internal cable spins. The cable will drive chain knockers, sanding units, lateral reinstatement tools, and collapsed CIPP liner removal devices of various sizes. Because the unit has stationery sheathing covering the spinning cable, a camera can be attached to the sheath and the contractor can see what needs cleaning and what doesn’t without wasting time cleaning pipe that doesn’t need it.

While we’re discussing cameras, the Pipe Lining Supply ‘Eagle Eye’ camera is small but powerful. It can be purchased with self-leveling or location capabilities and is as long as the RCM-36. It features a 23mm camera head allowing it to negotiate small pipe with turns and bends. The led lights are variable in intensity and the unit can record video on a standard SD card. The camera can support remote goggles for the contractor who is working in areas where outside diversions can be blocked out. Components are affordable as is the system itself.

The Quik-Coating System including 4 resin kits are easily accommodated in the vehicle and all of the tooling is there to operate the equipment. The unit is light weight and less than 70#’s mounted on a 2 wheel cart that can go up and down stairs guided by a single person. In fact the unit itself is fully operational by a single operator so if the DWV piping has a leak the tech can fix it then and there without another costly return trip, gathering parts and pieces, nor ripping out walls to effect the repair. Moreover the repair can be made and put back in service 5 minutes after the final application of resin to the pipe. No waiting for hours to dry.

Also, the unit caries a wet-out table for impregnating and calibrating resin along with the vacuum system to remove entrained air in the tube before saturating the tube. The calibration roller that is mounted to the table can be moved to any point along the table top depending on operator preference. The calibration roller can accommodate up to 8” diameter pipe to any thickness. It can be fitted with manual or electrically driven rollers. The table top is stainless steel mounted on an aluminum frame attached to the floor.

Another important piece of equipment is the Quik-Heater.This 199,000 BTU propane water heater gives you the ability to cure your liners quickly.  This heater will deliver up to 150 degree water.  By using propane, it can be operated inside a building.  All this in a compact unit that can easily be maneuvered by one man.

The hydraulic hoist lifts the 70 CFM compressor in and out of the back of the van. The compressor drives the Quik Shot™ lateral lining inversion gun as well as any other optional air driven tools such as cutters, tampers, and pavement breakers. We mentioned the Quik Shot™ unit, the most versatile lateral lining inversion unit on the market. This vehicle will hold enough resin to shoot up to 330’ of liner including resin and calibration tube. There’s still enough room to carry all other supplies needed for the work designed for this vehicle including mixing bits, drills, cleaning rags and supplies, vacuum pump, brush cleaner, spare parts, thermometers, and measuring scale.

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