Shooting Long Liners With The Quik-Shot™

“I’ve got a 12” CIPP liner to install but your Quik-Shot™ unit only goes to 8”. Do you have a bigger unit I can rent for this single shot? I don’t really want to invest in a unit for a single shot.”

Being faced with a similar job years ago when I was contracting for larger diameter pipe I had a storm drain that was 24” to install. It was only 80’ under a two lane road but the equipment I had available to me as a unit that would shoot up to 18” pipe. My dilemma was to set up a scaffolding tower for a water inversion in a road ditch and shoot the liner or adapt my gun to accommodate the 24” liner material. I could have also dragged a liner into place and inflate it. After some engineering I decided that I could process the 24” liner by folding it over to fit into the neck of the gun but had to compensate for the large amount of air loss. If I calculated correctly, I would supply the gun with a large compressor. I rented a 750 CFM compressor for the job and used a 4” diameter air delivery hose to the gun. Pressure was not an issue but volume of air was and I figured I could push the liner and overcome the loss of air out of the back of the unit.

The shot went off without a hitch but I was sweating bullets unit it went. There’s more than one way to accomplish a job and figuring out which one will work best for you is the key to success. One other option is to sub contract the lining part of this job and perform those parts of the job you have the ability to perform. Setting up the staging area, traffic control, bypass pumping (if any), and cleaning the pipe may be in your wheelhouse leaving the liner to others who have the equipment and ability to install it.

In your specific case, you need to ask the following questions:

  1. How long is the liner?
  2. What design thickness do they want installed?
  3. How much resin do I need to handle?
  4. If over 500#’s do I have the ability to control temperature until I get the shot in the ground or will I need to switch resin systems to something else?
  5. Do I have the manpower to execute the work?
  6. Do I have the other equipment needed such as a large enough pinch roller, vacuum pump system, mixing equipment for the resin, transportation equipment, large enough camera system, large enough cleaning equipment, heating or UV curing equipment in the event I can’t handle the resin management with ambient cured resin?

If you aren’t sure and want to discuss your specifics about this job, call us at 888-354-6464 or write

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