Video Glasses for More Than Coating

Video Glasses

“I wanted to pass on using the video glasses you sell with your coating machine for other applications. I took the glasses and plugged them into my camera, then attached my camera head to the Renssi high-speed cable machine I got from you and used it to clean pipe. It really worked well. I now use it all the time with video inspections, in conjunction with my jetting equipment and with most every operation that involves my camera. I don’t have to worry about not seeing the screen due to angles, bright sunshine, or lack of a suitable space to hold the monitor. I’ve used the headset more than 30’ from the monitor and have maintained a great picture allowing me to see what I’m doing. Thought I’d pass on this tip as others may use this for their work as well.” Chris

Video Glasses Port

Thanks, Chris. We love tips that you folks in the field can share to help our audience do their jobs better. This is a great tip. The glasses use a rechargeable battery to power the monitor and the receiver for getting the wireless picture from your camera monitor. It allows you to view the work on both the monitor as well as the camera main monitor at the same time. The headset features a flexible strap that keeps the unit tight to your head. The unit’s casting unit features a rechargeable battery as well and has both RCA and FPV ports as shown below.

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