A Coating Machine in Every Service Truck??

“I read a post showing a plumbing contractor carrying a Quik Coating machine in every truck. Is that really cost-effective? Won’t the tech need a helper to run the coating machine?”

A couple of misconceptions that you’ve concluded. This may help you understand coating and how you can increase revenue and bottom-line results. Many coating systems require an army of people to run them. I’ve observed an $80,000 machine that has automatic retraction and complicated controls that take a minimum of 2 people to operate. I’ve seen others, relatively inexpensive, that take 3 or more people to keep things running smoothly with a lot of downtime in between layers of resin applied to the pipe. With the Quik Coating system, a single tech can open, clean and coat pipe all by themselves. The approach that customers use with this equipment is this. They respond to a drain cleaning call. Open the blockage with the high-speed cable machine that is part of the coating process. They have the ability to see what they are cleaning in real-time to drain the line and show the customer the problem. If that problem is caused by a build-up of scale the tech can offer an up-sell of descaling the pipe that’s causing the blockage. This would generate a sizeable revenue stream.

They can also offer coating the pipe that caused the blockage by offering a permanent fix by coating the pipe with another level of up-selling. Several customers are generating revenue of up to $125 per foot to descale and another $125 per foot to coat the pipe to prevent future descaling and blockage of the pipe and give the property owner another 50+ years of service from the old pipe. Moreover, the customer gets the work completed now. No moving out to have the walls ripped open, pipe replaced, new sheetrock, taping, texturing and painting which could take up to 6 weeks in a total replacement of the DWV piping not to mention the total impact costs of doing this work.

Getting six units ready to ship so that they can have one for every service van!

Let’s look at what was a $350 drain opening job. In a simple one bath and one kitchen dwelling that contains 50’ of piping, that $350 drain job could expand to $6,250 for descaling at $125 per foot. Adding another $6,250 for coating would turn the job into over a $12,000 job. As the equipment needed for this work takes very little room, no additional vehicles are needed. No trailers, no special vehicles or large work areas as all of the equipment is portable.

I hope that clears up the reason so many plumbers are placing this equipment in their vans. If you need more information or a price quote contact us at +1-888-354-6464 or write to us at info@pipeliningsupply.com

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